Dec 2, 2010

My Life Would Suck Without You!

Marj made the video below for her friends. I think it's awesome. I miss her, I miss them, I'm so glad they have the technology to do this and to keep in touch with facebook, twitter and txt messaging.
Rene', we didn't have that, did we?
(Look, Marj, hate to say it, you really are a chip off the old block)
We had to cut and paste to make collages and then mail them usps. After my family moved to NC from NY, I remember we used to record ourselves on a cassette tape recorder and mail the cassette to our friends in NY. Just like this. Only it took a lot longer to get there. I think of my friends then who are still my friends now - Rene', Julie, Kedron, Patti - and all my brand new grown-up friends (all southern) --
Here's to the crazy love of BFFs.


Jen said...

Aweeeee that was sooooosweet!!!

Marj said...

haha yall really made cassettes of yourself talking?? OLD school! that is too funny!