Mar 7, 2011

Love is in the House

I suppose it's natural with two weddings in the house this year.  
Love is going to be in the house.
Patti woke on Valentine's Day to find love wasn't just IN the house, it was ON the house:

Each one of those little hearts said "I love you" in different languages.

 Although... come to think of it.... we never verified that.  We just took his word for it.
On another fine morning with spring in the air, I got a call enroute to work,....
 it was 5 year old Eva:
"Pookie!  Stop by the house, I have a surprise for you!!" 
I walked in the door and nearly crashed.
This was set up right smack in front of me.

She was out checking on buds, something we do each year as spring approaches, and she found a flower.  She could have just handed it to me, but anyone could do that.  She was so full of love, she had to present it to me in a beautiful fashion - tablecloth and all.

And then, of course, there's another engagement going on, chock full of love. 

Tommy and Eden are busy preparing a place to live.  Eden saw the wall paper and said, "Oh no.  That has to go."  And she immediately began peeling.

My job, I've figured out, is to supply the cleaning supplies.  Tommy told me he had it all set up and I could come help clean. I got there to find one vacuum, one windex bottle (no paper towels), two sponges, one Softscrub cleanser and NO running water.   I suggested he get the water going and call me back.  I'll take my own supplies this time.

But, really, you know that love is in the house if a man is climbed up on the counter scrubbing out the kitchen cabinets.  I took this picture for Eden because she probably will never see this sight again as long as they two shall live, til death do they part.

Don't you just love it when Love is in the House?
Toby Mac's song has been going through my mind, of course, and now it probably will be in yours.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Tommy----thats all that I can say!! is WOW!!!