Aug 10, 2011

Patti's Big Day

I ended my previous post explaining how I savored every single minute of my daughter's wedding day.  I knew it would go fast.  I knew it could easily be swallowed up in dramatic superfluous events.  So I savored each minute with great intention.  Until.

My sweet little punkinhead started down the aisle.

I lost it.
I have almost no memory after that.

Something about love, honor, cherish.
I do, he does, she will.....
And voila'!  Mr. and Mrs. Holsenback:

I tried to focus.
I tried to savor.
But it went by so fast!
It was sad and glorious, wonderful and bitter.
Heart-warming and heart-piercing.
And the Groom!!

Look at him!
No apologies.
He's taking my baby and not the least bit apologetic about it.
Yeah, the Father/Daughter dance.

I tried so hard to wallow in it, gather every single minute, tuck them in my pockets and hold them forever.
But it ended.

And we moved on. . .

. . . to the food and the dancing . . .
. . . the photo booth.

Look who I found consorting in the photo booth:

My parents!
(After 50 years of marriage, you'd think they could control themselves in a dark, confined space!!)

And I wondered, 50 years ago, what was her mother thinking?
Did she savor every minute?
Did it go by so fast that she couldn't remember parts?
Did her breath catch in her throat just so?
Did she think she just might stop breathing?

Oh, Nana!  The things we should have talked about.


Ruth said...

Well, Val, it was worth the wait for part 2!

Mom said...

Sweet, sweet blogs Val and yes it did go by so fast but just look how happy our little Poppy is!!

P.S. could have done without that "lovely" pic of your dad and me!

Jen said...

Val your baby girl was beautiful!! the wedding was beautiful!!! And in the words of my daughter...the reception was beast!! Libby came home and started talking about how she was going to do her wedding...hope you can help me out when our time comes!!!