Nov 18, 2011

Black Friday 2011 Prep

Who's getting ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday has been a lot of fun through the years, but......
 now it's getting a little sick, with the injuries and stuff.  Also?  Last year, stores opened at midnight instead of 4 a.m. Now, this year?  Stores are opening at 9 or 10 pm the night before -- Thanksgiving.  That's just ridiculous.  Ridiculous like playing Christmas music the day after Halloween instead of the day after Thanksgiving, as I heard this year in a Walmart store.

Why do we have to take a good thing and screw it up?

Read about Black Friday 2008 where I insist that I'm not a Black Friday shopper. That post has a few good tips, too.  Read about Black Friday 2010  where I discuss how I was sucked back into Black Friday shopping after years of ignoring it. 

Anyway, in case you are still going out on Black Friday morning, here are some of the Black Friday deals I've found so far.  I'm happy to announce that Tyler Brothers, home of all things Carhartt, will be having a Black Friday Sale this year with an outrageously low price on a Carhartt Jacket and the Rocky MudSox Snake Boots.  Please comment any that you've found:

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Anonymous said...

I DETEST black Friday! GRRRRRRRRR!!! The real "heart" of people exposes itself on that day and I don't want any part of it. Boy how old age changes a person I used to love to go out shopping that day, oh well I'll sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate and let you people do the shopping and face the battle, enjoy!