Nov 17, 2011

What Alice Forgot, Liane Moriarty. Book Review

What Alice Forgot
G. P. Putnam's Sons

What if you bumped your head and got a concussion and when you woke up all memories from the previous ten years were gone?  Would the problems of the previous ten years also be gone?   What if you were at the place in life where you currently are, but you thought and felt like you did ten years ago:  your opinion, perspective and view was that of ten years ago?

For Alice, this was true.......
  She awoke from her concussion convinced the year was 1998 instead of 2008.  Alice found her forty year old self to be quite a different and unappealing woman than her thirty year old self.   Alice was unpleasantly shocked to meet the forty year old Alice.

As Alice's memories returned, could she change the person she had become?
Could you?

As I read this book, I was challenged to consider my own life in the previous decade and the changes I have made.  Could I resurrect aspects of my life from ten years ago and if so, would it change my reality today?

I continue to think about this.  Read the book, walk with Alice Love as she gets a second chance at life.

I've become a big Moriarty fan.  I loved her previous book The Last Anniversary.   Go ahead and read that one, too!

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