Nov 16, 2011

Word Craft

"When I arrived at nine in the morning, I found a low-ceilinged room that once had been a U.S. Navy vault.  Its walls were covered with whiteboards and its center dominated by a large wooden table.  I pulled up a chair and got out paper and pen.  I joined a group that sat thinking and blurting out ideas, six of us trying to come up with a name for a new computer network.  We hunkered around the table while a set of floor heaters crackled.
It was my first day as a freelance namer, and we were making up a word."

Word Craft:  The Art of Turning Little Words Into Big Business,
Alex Frankel

Is that not absolutely awesome?!!   A freelance namer!  What a job!  I want to make up words!  I want to sit in a think tank with white boards and sharpies and giant pads on easels and make up words!  I never knew such a job existed.

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