Apr 23, 2012

I need my Nana today.

If only Nana could pray for me today.

Maybe she can.


Steve said...

I will pray for you. God knows and cares and hears. Nana sure was special and we miss her.

Fern said...

She is with you and so is your Heavenly Father!!

Mom said...

I pray for you every day and am trusting God to answer your prayer whatever it might be. I wish I was there with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey,Poof, I have and will continue to pray for u!! If u ever need to talk Im here for u,as u have been there for me so many times.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

please log on to couchsurfing. encouragement waiting for you there. thanks, D

Poof said...

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the love and prayers.

Thanks, D, I will eventually get onto couchsurfing again and maybe we can meet up while I'm over there.