May 4, 2012

Chattanooga, TN: Ice Cream. To Clumpie or Not?

Chattanooga, she has her charms.  I was surprised at this, having spent a dreary time in the city before she got gussied up.

One of Chattanooga's charms is the legendary Clumpies Ice Cream.  It is sold in several places around the city and I have sampled her goodness once or twice before.

On one short visit, just to stretch my legs really, I parked outside the Walnut St. Bridge so I could walk and stretch and get some sunshine.  Enroute, again, Nashville, to Midlands SC.

Sure, I was looking for exercise, but I was also looking for some Clumpies....

One the downtown side of the bridge, I found The Ice Cream Show.  It wasn't Clumpies, but still.  In here, one could choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream.  One could then add anything (cheesecake, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, oreos, etc) which the Ice Cream Show employees then mix and turn it into a soft serve. Just. Like. Magic.

Over the Bridge, however, on the Bluff View side, was the legendary Clumpies.

Don't get the two mixed up;
they get miffed.

Ice Cream Show was very, very nice and hospitable.  (in other words, they offered to let me use the restroom despite HUGE signs saying no restrooms for non-customers) (I didn't purchase ice cream when I found out they didn't servie Clumpies) (Harsh, I know, but one has to draw a line somewhere)

So, my friend, take a trip to Chattanooga and do your own taste test:  To Clumpie or Not?

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