May 7, 2012

Europe Bound with the Hammer Down

I made a cup of coffee today without the cup.

The past few days have been like that.  Trying to do a month of work ahead of time and trying to pack for a month in Europe - 4 countries in 3 weeks.  Thinking I could magically learn the languages the week before we go.  Planning an itinerary, trying to pack, wondering about access to cash......

Then sometimes I stop the flurry of activity and my jaw drops in awe with what lies before me.  Awe, humility, gratefulness with a smidgen of fear.

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Mom said...

I can't even imagine your anxiety but wow what you have ahead of you is a once in a lifetime and not many get this opportunity, enjoy to it's fullest! AND just know that all of us back here are so very envious!