May 26, 2012

How the Europeans Do Mornings

(Greve in Chianti, Tuscany)

It would appear, under the Tuscan Sun, one takes a break around 8:30 in the morning when the bell tower chimes and goes down to the piazza with or without a dog on a leash, with or without a hand rolled cigarette. One stops in a cafe for a caffe' at the counter and talks with a person, any person nearby.

(Trieste Piazza, Greve)

After the espresso, one sits out on the terrace among the flowers and talks with passersby......
 Maybe read a bit of newspaper. Wave across the piazzo and call out “buongiorno” or “ciao.” Then slowly move on, smiling, ready to tackle the day.

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Robin Dance ~ PENSIEVE said...

I can't believe YOU'RE there and I'm HERE! You=Europe and me=Tennessee. We'll return in a few weeks but by then you'll be back in the States.

It's so FUN reading your thoughts and seeing your pictures. I'm gonna need to pick your brain because we'll be headed to (mostly Northern) Italy in June/July.

Poof said...

I thought it would be neat to meet up with you guys over here and let our husbands meet. Mine has returned to the states now.

We're spending almost 2 weeks in Italy. We rented a car and have gone all over this country. Email me and I can give you some tips when you are planning your trip.