May 28, 2012

Art in Rome: Dali Exhibit

Monday morning in Rome.
The city is bustling right outside our window.
I refuse to join the rush.

Today is Art for mia figlia.  In happy anticipation, I grab my Artful Blogging magazine, room key (isn't it adorable!?) and walk half a block to my usual cafe' for morning espresso.  It is packed with Italian men in bright orange rain suits -- I want so bad to line them up side by side in front of the Colisseum and take a photo, leaving only them in color.  That'd be swell.  I dare not make this request of them, so I simply order "espresso doppio" and take a seat to read my magazine.  The orange men smile at me.  I smile back and resist the urge to wink.

Today we will view the Dali exhibit, a comprehensive exhibit in Rome for the first time in 70 years.  It is running through July 1, 2012.....

I've wanted Marj to take an audio tour through an art museum sometime while we are in Europe.  We did not want to face the crowds and the Louvre, so we skipped it.  We managed to pop in the Nazionale Art Museum in Siena, but were disappointed it was mostly art from the middle ages (read: Madonna and Bambino and Paul the Apostle repeatedly).

I liked "Maesta" by Loppo Memmi from the 14th century.  Simone Martini of the 13th century just scares me.  Luca di Tomme, 14th century, "Polittico delle Tolfe" was interesting.  And finally, late 14th century, Giovanni di Paolo added some color and dimension excitement with "Presentazione di Gesu."

I found "Paradiso" by Bartolomeo Neroni absolutely amazing (15th century) as well as "Visitazione della Madonna a Santa Elizabetta" by Pietro di Francesco Orioli (late 14th century).  Actually, I loved that one.

But today?  We see us some Dali, Marjorie's favorite artist.  While I lean more towards the Expressionist style of Klimt, I am very interested in seeing what Marj likes.  Lucky us, Dali is right here under our noses!  Ciao Bella! 

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