May 27, 2012

When In Rome . . .

Gather close, boys and girls, and I will tell you of a magical place in a land of emperors, kings and queens, beautiful princesses and suede horses that pull chariots of velvet.

There is a place in a land far, far away, a land more magical than the land of talking mice, where you can order a slice of NY Style pizza by the weight. A slice upon which you decide how much you want to pay. (and eat)

This magical pizza joint lies in the motherland of pizza, in the shadows of the Tiber River, the city of Roma, Italy, where every Signora is a bellissimo bella.

Around the corner from the Spanish Steps, just off the Piazza di Spanga, at the mouth of the Spanga Metro Station is a pizza joint clearly labeled “Pizza.”

Buon Gusto! The slices are weighed and you pay 1 euro for 100 grams of magnificent pizza. You can order by weight or by price......
 Throw your euros in the bowl and the Prince of Pizza will weigh out a piece just for you, tell you the price and ask if you'd like it. Capisce?

It's too small? “This one?” The Prince said, “In the garbage!!” And he tossed the slice into the trash. I watched in horror.

The magic continues after you order. Look at this. This is how your slice is served:

No mess! Just eat it up like a burrito.
Buon appetito!

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