Oct 6, 2012

Cupcake in Columbia SC, Cupcake Review

It's been far too long since I've done a cupcake review for you, my hungry, hungry reader.  All for you.
The flavors: 

Chocolate Monkey. Dark chocolate cake with white choc. chips and walnuts with peanut butter banana cream cheese icing.
Chai Tea.  Chai Tea vanilla cake topped with sweet cream cheese icing and dusted with cinnamon.
Caramel Macchiato.  Caramel cake with coffee icing, drizzled with caramel and a chocolate coffee bean.
Black and White.  Dark chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing and pink sprinkles on top for Breast Cancer Awareness support.  $1 on each cupcake sold is donated to breast cancer awareness and research.

Four locations, 8 samplers. So many reviews.  Still, only 4 cupcakes.  Man we made those things last.

And this is the first time I've had someone spit their sample out in the trash can.

Chocolate Monkey.  This is a powerful cupcake.  The Monkey is a love/hate thing - you either love it or hate it, no in-between.   It's very moist.  The peanut butter is subtle.  The walnuts are obnoxious - Pam loved them, Scott and Tommy ate around them.  Tommy said the Monkey tasted like grass, "something healthy."

Patti and Eva took one bite, gagged and spit it in the trash.
Marj bit into the Monkey,groaned curiously, bent into it, peered closely, dug around a little and tried it again.  "Nah," she sighed, "too many weird things going on." 
And the Monkey was sent to the corner.

Caramel Macchiato......
 Now we're talkin,' Now we're getting somewhere. I loved this one, it's sweet and mapley and nutmeggy.  Very Fall.  I called in Scott and Pam to sample this one.

But Pam took a bite and began gulping water.  "Ack!  It tastes like coffee!  I have to get that taste out of my mouth!"  She backed away cradling her water.  Look, poor thing, she looked so happy before the bite.  Scott agreed about the coffee.  Funny I didn't notice it. "The icing is very good," Scott said, "But the cake is too strong."  He kindly suggested maybe the heat in the long car ride may have affected the cupcakes.  You think?

Obviously the car ride affected their appearance.

Chai Tea.  I called in the big guns on this one.  I called in a real tea aficionado for this.
I called in Jud.

"Jud, do you want to taste a cupcake for me?"
"No thanks, I had two for breakfast."

That is so out of character.

But look at him - he's taking a bite!  He liked the chai, loved the spice in it, but the dreaded Monkey was his favorite.  "I'm unusual," he said, "You can't go by me. I'm a cake person, I only like a very thin layer of icing.
The Chai is yummy, very vanilla with a bit of spice - nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon or all - gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling about life.   Tommy claims it has a strong, bad aftertaste.

Black and White.  The Black and White featured pink sprinkles and a suggestive design to encourage us all to "Save the Ta-Tas" in honor of Breast Cancer Month.  $1 per cupcake was donated to cancer awareness and research.  This was most everyone's favorite.  Rich, moist, thick, creamy, Yum-O.  Jud liked it until he got a bite of the pink sprinkles -- a little too much granular sugar for him.  It was definitely a fave for a couple of princesses.

Somewhere in the middle of testing things got rough.  I was mid-taste when the table moved and I heard a bump.
"Uh-Oh," Marj yelled, "Man down!"

Save the Ta-ta!

Overall, it was a disaster.  We don't like the October flavors much.  None of us would particularly purchase them again.  Red Velvet or White Chocolate Raspberry or simply vanilla would be favored over these.

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