Apr 12, 2012

Mosaic Tile Artistry with Richard Moss

"Let The Games Begin"
This mosaic tile mural was on display at the Live Oak International in Ocala FL which you may have heard me mention a few or hundred times already.  You get a better grasp of the majesty when you see artist Richard Moss (left) and my husband standing beside it.

Inspired by seventeenth and eighteenth century fabrics and designs, the mural "Let the Games Begin" is an 8 x 10 ceramic and smalti (Venetian glass and gold) mosaic that probably will sell for $78,000.  Or maybe already is sold.  The artists, Richard and Clark Moss from Equipment of Culture display this mural because it encompasses every different technique they use.  This piece "has wall power: strong drawing, confident colour and the mosaic's sensuous and glinting surface make a unique statement."  - From their Blog, Tesserae.   Follow that link to read several blogposts they wrote as they progressed in the creation of the mural, my favorite in the process here.

We approached Moss' booth and display as he was walking out.....

"If anybody buys something," he directed us, "just hold the money for me. Set it on the table there." To which Tom said "We'll take care of it."And Moss walked away.
I never saw the man before in my life.
And he left me in charge of his art.
I salivated.
I touched it.
I caressed it. (don't tell him)
I was, I suspected, in Heaven.

He returned. "Did you sell anything?"

I said “Yeah, the big one on the wall.” (the mural)

He smiled, "How much?"

"Hmmm," I smiled, "About $250. Are you OK with that?"

Moss told us he makes his own clay, bakes it himself. The colors are baked in, glazed in. There's a lot of red in this wall display, which makes it a great display. He said you rarely see red in clay because it usually gets cooked out in the glazing process, but he has a way to make the red stay.  And the gold tesserae? 24 carat gold.

The guys primarily do custom projects, both small and large.  Moss admitted they still do some kitchen tile backsplashes now and then.  He did something big in the Trump Tower and is currently doing something very cool for a Russian Orthodox Church.  Take a peek at their Gallery.

With my love of benches, (Favorite Bench Ever!) of course I'm drawn to the City Seal Bench, very cool.

Most of the display contained equestrian art since we were at an equestrian event.  Moss said he didn't start doing horses until past 5 years or so.  Customers like to have their own horse in a mosaic. 

Equipment of Culture
18358 NW 27th St., Morriston FL
Other Artisans I Adore:


Richard Moss said...

Thanks Valerie, it was nice to meet you both
@ Live Oak. What great little corner of cyberspace
you've carved out for yourself, glad to be a part of it!

Richard Moss

Poof said...

Thanks, Richard, for taking the time to visit with us and for visiting my corner of cyberspace.

I love your blog, love to hear about the process you go through, keep it up!